Spice Levels

What level of spice do you like in your books?

In romance, there is a spectrum of spiciness from the single kiss at the tail end of the book to explicit content banned in some countries in the first chapter. 

I’ve always been a mood reader, and the spice level I prefer varies based on my mood. Sometimes I like a book full of pining with fade-to-black scenes and closed-door content. Other days, I want a more descriptive scene. 

I was recently talking with someone about the content of my new release, Faultless Notion. After asking me exactly how spicy my book was, she let me know that she didn’t think my book was for her. 

That’s fine with me. Spicy romances, with more than three descriptive scenes, are not for every reader. Faultless Notion is an adult contemporary romance. It does include several scenes where the couple is intimate with each other. I didn’t close the door of Keller and Elosie as they were together. 

Some of my books are not like this. I’m currently working on a holiday romance, that while steamy, is not nearly as spicy. 

I’m working on a breakdown of my books, including trigger warnings, and spicy content. I think it’s important for each reader to know what they are about to read. I’d rather a person say that my type of book isn’t for them than to have that reader uncomfortable with my content. 

Transparency is key. 

Every spice level is valid.