One Week after Debut

Reader, I have a confession to make. Although I have written many stories in my life, Faultless Notion is the first one I have put out into the world for others to read.

Sure I have my fanfiction from ten years ago. (It’s still out there if you look hard) But this book is the first one I’ve written and edited and rewritten, and…you get the idea.

That’s why this week has meant so much to me. I have received many messages from readers telling me how much they loved Keller and Eloise’s story. As a new writer in my little writer’s nook, I had no idea how my story would be received. But so far, people love it.

The kind words, funny gifs, and sweet messages from all of you have made this journey all worth it.

Early reviews for Faultless Notion

“…it’s one of the best rockstar romances that I’ve read. Ever. And I read a lot of them.” -The Hamma on Amazon

“I stayed up way past my bedtime to read this, and I have zero regrets…The chemistry between these two unsuspecting lovers was smoking hot!” -Laura Mowery, Author of the Infinitum Series 

“I feel that this story is going to be a favorite Rock Star story for me.” – Sissyj59 on Goodreads

“Close quarters while touring through America, jealousy, crazed fan, stolen lyrics, need I say more?” -Samantha on Goodreads