Reckless Liar

She thought it was a perfect life.

A perfect love.

It was a tragic lie.

Ana Pryce’s future was set. She had the love of her boyfriend Max, her job as an ER nurse, and her lifetime friendship with Xander Eberhardt.

Growing up in the projects of Ridgewood, Xander understood how to accept what you were given. He never wanted perfect; he only wanted the one thing he could never have.

Until Max was gone.

In the wake of losing the only man she ever loved, she did the unthinkable—and turned to Xander for comfort. As the world they so carefully created begins to crumble, Ana and Xander are forced to examine the lies that held their lives together for so long.

Trying to run from how they feel about each other might be the worst lie yet.

Spice Level and Content Warnings

Two lower steam sex scenes and some sensuality

Content warning: This book contains substance abuse, infidelity, death by drug overdose, and child abuse.