Faultless Notion

A new steamy romance about the drummer in the world’s hottest rock band and the passionate woman he finds himself married to.

They didn’t mean to get married.

Eloise Dunning ran far from her small town in the Pacific Northwest to Los Angeles with little more than the clothes on her back and a dream of being a singer-songwriter. Now she is a personal assistant to the rock band, Prevalent Notion, and leaving her songbook in the bottom of her bag.

Keller Grant is everything a rock star should be. Sinfully attractive, an enigmatic artist with a dark past, and an immensely talented drummer. He loves the revolving door of women in each city, creating music with his bandmates in Prevalent Notion, and teasing an uptight Eloise.

The night before the band kicks off their American Tour, Eloise and Keller wake up in each other’s arms with wedding bands on their fingers. Forced by the record label to maintain the marriage for the public, they face a hungry press, rabid fans, and jealousy from all sides.

As they get the world to believe in their facade, they find that, maybe, this marriage doesn’t feel like a performance.

For fans of music, bungee jumping, steamy moments behind closed doors, and heartfelt moments on the wings of the stage. Here is your new favorite rock star romance.

Faultless Notion is a full-length contemporary standalone romance. It is book one in the Prevalent Notion Series.

Faultless Notion is a medium steam romance with four descriptive sex scenes and high sensuality

Content Warning: Faultless Notion contains drug and alcohol abuse, death, parental abuse, neglect, and abandonment.